Leaked Durango devkit for sale believed to be real

System gives a rough indication of what specifications the new Xbox may have

A development kit for Microsoft's next generation home console seems to have appeared for sale online.

The Durango devkit system seems to feature 8 GB of RAM, an eight-core 64-bit Intel processor, Nvidia graphics processor and supports DirectX 11 quite comfortably.

Industry sources believe that the machine itself is real and may feature as much as 12 GB in total although the claim that it has an eight-core processor has raised some eyebrows indicating that this may be untrue.

It is worth noting that if the machine is indeed real then it is an early development kit that will not represent exactly what Durango's final release specs will be. The Wii U, for instance, has changed a fair bit since it was revealed at E3 in 2011.

Thanks Digital Foundry.

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