Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 delayed yet again

Sniper now not materialising till next year

City Interactive's sequel to Sniper: Ghost Warrior has been delayed again pushing it's release into next year.

This is the second delay to hit the game and it is much more considerable than before but City Interactive explains that it is to ensure the game is of the highest quality when it's released.

PR director for distributor Namco Bandai, Lee Kirton confirmed the delay saying, "I can confirm that this is true. We will provide a full announcement with City Interactive soon."

"It's key we all want this title to be fantastic in the genre and the leading Sniper game for sure," he continued. "The engine is fantastic and the level of polish is also key to the title's success. As soon as the official announcement through the publisher is available I will provide it."

Thanks VideoGamer.

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