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Crytek teams up with Trion to bring Warface to the West

We finally might get a chance to play Crytek's first free-to-play effort

Crytek has decided to bring their free-to-play shooter Warface to the West as part of their shift to their full free-to-play strategy.

To do so they've teamed up with Rift publisher/developer Trion Worlds to make Warface accessible to Western shooter fans.

Crytek boss Cervat Yerli said, "Trion is the company spearheading a revolution in gaming through delivering premium online games across big genres powered by a proven, cutting edge platform. The combination of this platform, GFACE and Warface shows Cryteks commitment to finding innovative new ways to bring superior gaming experiences and AAA titles to gamers. Thats why we are creating strong strategic alliances with the best online publishers across the world."

Warface is built on the rather impressive CryEngine 3 offering high-end gaming experiences in co-op and PvP multiplayer on PC over Crytek's GFACE social gaming platform.

There's no date for when Warface will launch in the West as yet but we'll let you know when there is.

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