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Controversy over violence against women has cause God Of War devs to take pause

God Of War: Ascension devs plan to tread a bit more carefully with this one

Sony's Santa Monica Studios have found that they have modified their approach to videogame violence in the wake of so much controversy over violence against women.

With several games sporting questionable themes at E3 this year Santa Monica Studios has refined their approach in developing God Of War: Ascension in order to avoid courting the wrong kind of attention.

Game development manager at Sony Santa Monica Dave Hewitt explained, "The core of the God of War series is Greek mythology, and thats blood and guts, vengeful gods, horrific things being enacted on mortals. Kratos was tricked into killing his wife and family. He's literally covered in their ashes during every moment. His motivation is violent, bloody revenge, and the milieu of mythology puts us in this distant, exaggerated world."

"We do revel in it somewhat but the violence is there to show Kratos dealing with his demons and enacting that revenge in a very physical, hands-on way. There are some things we've pulled back from. I think where this has been an issue is with violence against women the team's pulled back from some of that and assessed that a little more carefully. There are certain things that carry has a different kind of resonance that we dont want to get into. This isn't about statement-making in that regard. It's about fleshing out this character," he added.

God Of War: Ascension is slated for release on PlayStation 3 in March of next year.

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