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Xbox Live gets a security upgrade

Microsoft steps up security measures on Xbox Live

Microsoft has taken steps to beef up the security on Xbox Live in order to give gamers much more protection on their accounts.

Xbox Live general manager Alex Garden has explained that they want to help continue to prove that the community's investment and trust is well placed.

"The internet has transformed the way we purchase goods and services and added layers of convenience to our lives," Garden explained on his official blog. "Yet, disappointingly, online fraud increasingly victimises millions of unsuspecting consumers each year."

"That is why our resolve at Microsoft to battle fraud and our commitment to account security is stronger than ever. I hope you'll take a few moments to protect your account today," he continued adding that emails from the community had "reinforced our belief that Xbox Live is not simply an online service but a community built upon the trust and investment of its members."

Full details of the security improvements are available on the Xbox official blog.


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