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Fez bug fix just prohibitively expensive says Polytron

Patching on Xbox Live costs too much says Fez developer

Polytron the studio behind indie hit Fez has revealed that they won't be patching to fix their latest bug due to the costs involved in getting the patch onto XBLA.

The small indie studio stated apologetically on their blog that the savegame corruption bug affects less than one percent of players and the costs of patching on XBLA mean that fixing the problem is just not financially viable.

They wrote, "The save file delete bug only happens to less than a per cent of players. It's a sh**ty numbers game to be playing for sure, but as a small independent, paying so much money for patches makes no sense at all, especially when you consider the alternative."

The entry went on to explain their decision in a bit more depth adding that had the game been released on Steam it would have been patched within a fortnight.

"Had Fez been released on steam instead of XBLA," the entry continued, "the game would have been fixed two weeks after release, at no cost to us. And if there was an issue with that patch, we could have fixed that right away too. It wasn't an easy decision, but in the end, paying such a large sum of money to jump through so many hoops just doesnt make any sense. We already owe Microsoft a lot of money for the privilege of being on their platform. People often mistakenly believe that we got paid by Microsoft for being exclusive to their platform. Nothing could be further from the truth. We pay them."

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