Splinter Cell: Blacklist aiming to make gamers question right and wrong

Ubisoft pushing the morality of Sam Fisher's decisions

Ubisoft is hoping to push the envelope of gaming morality in their next Splinter Cell title.

Creative director on Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Maxime Beland is hoping that the game will really make players question what is right and wrong in the heat of the game's conflicts.

Beland enthused, "We love the idea of putting the player in those situations that [real soldiers] are going through. It's not a question sometimes of doing the right thing or the wrong thing. Sometimes it's I need to do the wrong or the wrong-er. What do I do? There's no good option. What if you f**k up?"

"The interrogations are a bit of that," he continued. "We want to put the player into situations that are like the one [we showed] at E3; the guy just told you everything you needed to know. You're done. You're good. You're Sam Fisher. This guy is finished. Are you going to kill him? What we agreed upon after lots of interesting discussions was if you want to have true morality in a game, you cannot link it to mechanics or to a system. Because the player will play the system; he's not going to play the true world choice."

"If we told you that if you're the good guy, you're going to get this, and if you're the bad guy, you're going to get that, you're not thinking 'what am I doing here?'. I think it's cool to make people reflect on it and hopefully grow as humans a little bit. Because we've got some guys everywhere in the world that are making those decisions every day for us," Beland concluded.

Thanks Game Informer.

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