Glasgow Rangers may not appear in FIFA 13

Troubled team not included in the SPL licensing agreement with EA Sports

Due to their recent liquidation and relegation to the Scottish Third Division Glasgow Rangers may not feature in this year's version of EA's FIFA series.

EA Sports has confirmed that they will be taking their lead from the Scottish Premier League over the 12th team to be included in FIFA 13 as per their license agreement with the top Scottish league.

Further to this they added that they added that they have not decided whether or not to come to a separate licensing agreement with Rangers to allow them to appear in FIFA 13.

An EA spokesperson explained, "We have a licensing agreement with the Scottish Premier League. We have discussed the league structure with them and we will take their direction regarding the 12th club. FIFA 13 will be in retail stores beginning September 28 after the start of the SPL season so we have the flexibility to align with the authentic league structure. As far as Glasgow Rangers are concerned, we have not made a decision at this time on whether we will pursue a separate licensing agreement to include them in FIFA 13."

Thanks Nintendo Gamer.

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