Free multiplayer add-on for Mass Effect 3 coming next week

Earth DLC brings the fight home as well as a bunch of N7 gear

EA and BioWare has announced a new bundle of multiplayer downloadable content for Mass Effect 3 due to arrive next week.

The Earth DLC brings three new maps including the N7 training facility at Firebase Rio as well as Firebase London and Firebase Vancouver. It also includes six new playable N7 characters - Demolisher Engineer, Destroyer Soldier, Fury Adept, Sentinel Paladin, Shadow Infiltrator and Slayer Vanguard.

It doesn't stop there though. There's three new weapons - N7 Piranha Shotgun, N7 Typhoon Assault Rifle and Acolyte Pistol 12 new modifications and 11 new upgrades to help players get through the all-new Platinum difficulty level.

Finally there's a new mission objective randomly occurring on waves 3,6 and 10 players will be challenged to keep one agent alive and escort them to a designated extraction zone.

All this will be free to download from 17th of July 2012 until the 11th of July 2014 on Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network and Origin for PC.

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