Rhianna Pratchett revealed as lead writer on Tomb Raider

Mirror's Edge writer excited to get a crack at writing Lara

Rhianna Pratchett the writer behind DICE's unique FPS Mirror's Edge has been announced as the lead writer on Crystal Dynamics' new Tomb Raider title.

After creating Mirror's Edge's main character Faith, Pratchett is excited about being given the opportunity to reinvent a character that she knows so well already in Lara Croft.

She said, "I grew up playing Tomb Raider, uncovering the world's secrets and unearthing its treasures; I have lived and died as Lara Croft, but nothing comes close to the challenge of re-writing her."

"Seldom do we get the opportunity to re-imagine and reinvent a legend," Pratchett enthused, "so getting my narrative hands on Miss Croft was a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. It was going back to the genesis of video game action heroines and exploring how to make such an iconic character meaningful and relatable for gamers today."


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