BioWare Mythic: Cross-platform will be key in the next generation

Evans imagines a more interconnected future for gaming

The general manager of BioWare Mythic, Eugene Evans has stated that cross-platform functionality will play an important part in the next generation.

Evans explained in a presentation to this year's Develop conference that the ability to play the same games on the move and at home with friends will define future games development.

He explained, "Cross-platform development is becoming really important. Now it will become key. Because all these devices are connected, users want to be able to play a game on their PC and on their phone. We have to deliver these experiences on multiple devices. We are always connected. People want to play anytime they want, wherever they want with whoever they want."

"The number of platforms we have to work on has only proliferated," he continued. "But unlike before, the business was at its healthiest when there were only two companies. The difference now is the business has become big another and the age of folks that are playing have become older, meaning there are more people playing. This means we can survive having numerous platforms to work on. Its a very bright future for the business."

Thanks Develop Online.

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