Spoof Twitter account Molydeux another reason for Molyneux leaving Microsoft

Molyneux wants to see some of his impersonator's ideas made into games

Peter Molyneux has revealed that the spoof Twitter account Molydeux was another influence on his decision to leave Microsoft.

Molydeux became famous for playing on Peter Molyneux's penchant for over-the-top concepts exploring the lighter side of game conceptualisation.

The former Lionhead boss said on his spoof, "Smart guy. I tell you one thing: he's far funnier, far more daring and far more engaging than I will ever be. He just comes up with an endless supply of amazing and incredible ideas."

"I think he's fantastic," Molyneux continued, "and I'd love to see some of those ideas turned into games. I hope he goes on going for a long time. And he's another reason why I left Microsoft. I have to tell you, he is. He was out there, and I was watching and laughing at his tweets probably harder than anyone. This guy, he can do all this stuff, he can be that free, he can explore these ideas like throwing babies into pits you couldn't do that with the corporate PR machine at Microsoft."

Thanks Eurogamer.

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