David Cage joins the ranks of those calling for more innovative games

The industry will die if it doesn't try to innovate says Cage

The co-founder of French studio Quantic Dream, David Cage has joined the ranks of those in the industry calling for more variety and innovation in games.

Cage has always been a strong advocate of trying to do something different with the medium of videogames and in his most recent interview he went so far as to suggest that the industry could kill itself off developers do not look to innovate.

Referring to his own new title Beyond: Two Souls he began, "I wish more people were trying this, but it's not so much about telling the industry you should do games like Heavy Rain or Beyond; the last game I really enjoyed is Journey, for example. Journey was amazing. It has nothing to do with what I'm doing. But it's not so much about storytelling. It's about emotion. It's about trying something different. I mean this industry will die if it doesn't try more to be innovative and to come up with new ideas and to talk a bit more - not necessarily serious, but deeper things at some point."

"It's great that you can shoot at monsters," Cage continued, "and that's great and it will always be there and it will always be successful, but at the same time, what about giving the choice to people? Give them different options. So if they like that they find it, but if they want something deeper and interactive, they can find that too."

In the recent weeks there have been calls for more innovation from people as different as Ubisoft's Alain Corre and Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada wanting to stem the flow of samey titles which could be turning gamers off.


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