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Resident Evil 6 demo infects Xbox Live

Xbox gamers to get their first taste of Resi 6

The demo of Resident Evil 6 has finally made its arrival on Xbox Live today.

The demo features an encounter from the stories of each of the teams that that will feature in the full game giving fans a full sense of what horrors the game holds.

Leon S Kennedy and his partner Helena Harper tackle the smarter than average zombies at the Ivy University. In China, Chris Redfield and his BSAA partner Piers Nivans tackle the deadly J'avo across the Lianshang rooftops. The final encounter sees new boy Jake Muller trying to escape the Ustanak in war torn Eastern Europe accompanied by Sherry Berkin.

Resident Evil 6 arrives on Xbox 360 and PS3 on October the 2nd with a PC version also in the works.

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