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New cel-shaded adventure Hoodwink hits PC today via Origin

Story draws on humour of Discworld and Red Dwarf

Indie developer E-One Studio has launched their new point-and-click title Hoodwink on origin today.

Hoodwink follows the exploits of small-time thief Michael Bezzle as he tries to make good and win the girl in the world of Global-01. Sadly he is up against the all-dominant Unicorp and will have to use all his cunning to thwart a range of obstacles from ruthless lawmen to a vicious killer plant to ever-frustrating bureaucracy.

The game's writer Chris Kuok said, "Hoodwink was a load of fun to work on. With a mix of acidic humour inspired by Grant Naylor's Red Dwarf and Terry Pratchett's Discworld, anyone looking for a good time will find plenty in our comical tale."

Hoodwink is available for PC only on EA's download platform, Origin for 9.99 GBP.

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