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No Kinect support for Gears Of War: Judgement

The device hasn't reached its full potential says Bleszinski

Cliff Blezinski has revealed that they have not included Kinect support in the upcoming Gears Of War prequel.

He explained that, while he liked Kinect, not much has made it in to Gears Of War: Judgment from their cancelled Kinect title, Gears of War: Exile.

Epic's creative chief began, "There are not a lot of things that wound up in there."

Bleszinski continued, "There's one thing actually that you just reminded me of though, is that we are not supporting Kinect in Gears Judgment. I like Kinect, I've been a fan of it, but I don't think it has been fully realised as far as the potential of the device."

Thanks GamesTM.

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