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CCP announces the Mercenary Pack for Dust 514

Pack gives guaranteed access to the beta

CCP has announced their first bundle pack for their free-to-play FPS PS3 title Dust 514.

The Mercenary Pack will include 35 GBP worth of extra goodies for 13.99 GBP and it has the added bonuses of guaranteed access to the closed beta and exclusive access to the game on off-weekends.

Also included in the pack is 4,000 Aurum (17.99 / 13.99 value) which is the the in-game currency for DUST 514 that you can buy in the PS Store, 30-Day Active Skill Booster which increases earned Skill Points (SP) by 50 percent, Dragonfly Scout Dropsuit a uniquely designed armor with unlimited use, Toxin ICD-9 Submachine Gun with unlimited use and a custom skin, 50 HK4M Shotgun, 50 Hacked Drop Uplink allows players to create on-the-spot spawn points for their teammates, 50 Fused Locus Grenade and 50 1.5dn Myofibril Stimulants which offers players a temporary melee damage boost against opponents.

The beta for Dust 514 will begin with the first weekend event on the 28th of June and then every other weekend from then on.

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