Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC hits downloads today

European PS3 release delayed slightly

Today sees the launch of the DLC that is meant to be an answer to all the critics that wanted more from the ending of Mass Effect 3.

The Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC is designed to provide more clarity to the ending of the game and tie up some loose ends that left so many fans of the series so vocally dissatisfied.

Executive producer Casey Hudson elaborates, "With the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut we are delivering what so many fans have asked for more answers, more clarity, and a more definitive resolution to their Mass Effect 3 experience. The team is excited for players to experience this final statement on the conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy."

The Extended Cut DLC arrives today on Xbox Live and Origin worldwide and PSN in North America. The European PSN launch s set for July the 4th. This DLC will be available for free to all those that have purchased the game until the 12th of April 2014.

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