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CCP: Every player that plays Dust 514 makes the game better

CCP not expecting every Dust 514 player to spend money

EVE developer CCP is not expecting many of those that play the PS3 free-to-play title Dust 514 will not spend any money on the game.

The new PS3-based online FPS which will tie-in directly with EVE Online is entirely designed to be a skill-based game rather than giving any kind of advantage to those that are willing to spend money on advancement or new more potent weaponry.

CCP chief marketing officer, David Reid explained, "We do not expect most of them to spend money, and we don't need them to. The vast majority of players in a game like this don't spend money, but the game is much better for having them there."

"It's not that people who play the game for free are bad for us," he continued. "Every player playing the game is making it better for everybody else. It is just one more exponential node in the social network because every player that joins the EVE universe is now another social connection for every other player in Dust and in EVE Online."


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