Windows Phone 8 looking good for gaming

New OS to bring triple-A middleware and support for HD resolutions and multicore processors

Microsoft has announced details of their next mobile OS Windows Phone 8 which include features that will hold great potential for games developers.

WP8 will include support for multicore processors and screen resolutions of 1280x768 and 1280x720 (that's HD folks), microSD storage and even Near Field Communication (tech similar to that which powers London's Oyster Card) for easy file-sharing with nearby devices.

The new mobile OS also provides native support for C and C++ programming languages allowing DirectX to utilise middleware tools like Havok and Autodesk that already power our current-gen home console games.

What this means for mobile gamers is that Windows Phone 8 has the potential to provide some very impressive gaming experiences taking full advantage of the latest developments in smartphone hardware as well as the most powerful programming tools available to today's games developers.

Thanks Edge Online.

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