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Battlefield 3: Close Quarters hits PS3 today

Xbox and PC releases coming next week

The latest expansion for DICE's military-shooter Battlefield 3 launches on PS3 today.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters is an expansion specifically designed for those Battlefield players that love to get up close and personal in combat adding 10 new Assignments and 5 new dog tags.

The new expansion also adds 10 new weapons which will be available to use on all Battlefield 3's multiplayer maps. These include the AUG and SCAR assault rifles, ACW-R and MTAR-21 carbines, M417 and JNG-90 sniper rifles, L86LSW and LSAT machine guns as well as the M5K machine pistol and the always-popular SPAS-12 combat shotgun.

Close Quarters is available on PSN from today with the Xbox 360 and PC versions coming next week. It is a free download for those with the Battlefield 3 Premium subscription and will cost 11.99 GBP on PC and PS3 and 1200 MS Points on Xbox 360 for those that don't.

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