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EA excited by the potential of SmartGlass

SmartGlass gives Microsoft the ability to put the squeeze on the Wii U

EA's Frank Gibeau has been evangelising on the potential of Microsoft's new SmartGlass smartphone and tablet integration for the Xbox 360.

Not only is EA totally sold on the technology that SmartGlass provides Gibeau believes that it will really help Microsoft put a squeeze on what Nintendo are trying to do with the Wii U.

Gibeau kicks off, "We love SmartGlass. I think it's a killer initiative. I really like it a lot. It ties into what we're trying to do as a company. What we're trying to do as a developer of games is - we're looking at multi-screen environments as being really key in what's happening in gaming. You play games on your mobile. You play games on your PC. You play games on your console. So giving people more access points through multiple screens is a great thing."

"It does definitely put positioning pressure on Nintendo because you don't have to buy a new system. Most likely, you already have a smartphone and you already have a 360, so it does a really good job of positioning for the platform and we're very excited about it," he added.

SmartGlass and IE integration arrives on the Xbox 360 Dashboard this coming autumn.


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