Sony: PS3 and PS Vita is a better prospect than the Wii U

PS3 and PS Vita is a much more powerful combination than the Wii U and its tablet controller says Sony

Sony has stated honestly that they believe the combination of the PS3 and PS Vita has far more potential than the Wii U.

VP of Sony Worldwide Studios, Scott Rohde, explained that the Vita with its own powerful processor has far more possibilities than the Wii U's tablet controller.

"Because we have the Vita, I think we can do a lot of special things. And remember, that Wii U tablet doesn't have a processor in it, so it's got to be fuelled by that box sitting under your TV," said Rohde.

"We can do some pretty special things that you'll start to see on the floor this year," he continued, "and you'll see more over the upcoming months about what you can do when you actually have a processor in the thing that's in your hand as well."


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