Ubisoft calls for more innovation in boxed games

Games are getting too samey says Alain Corre

French developer/publisher Ubisoft has found a different reason for the downturn in boxed games sales to the advanced age of the current console generation.

Ubisoft's Alain Corre blames the low sales of the moment to a distinct lack of innovation in games, saying that gamers are bored with the current stream of samey releases.

Corre explained, "There have been too many 'me too' games in the business in the last few years."

He went on, praising the amount of new ideas at this year's E3, "After a while people will go 'eh' and move on. But give them something fresh and they'll buy a console just for your game. All the creators have to take risks. So I was pleased to see that after the E3 presentations, there are a lot of new things on show."

Thanks MCV.

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