The Wii U is in its own generation says Sony's Yoshida

Nintendo set itself apart from the current generation with th Wii

The boss of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida believes that the Wii U is really in a generation of its own.

He explained how he thought that the Wii had carved out its own niche and the Wii U as its successor it is part of that.

"Personally," Yoshida explained, "I have always thought Wii was in a generation of its own. I always thought PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are in the same generation, but Wii was not the same. To me, the industry was growing really fast when those three platforms came up because the focus is so different."

He continued, "The PS3 and the 360 were the closest in terms of high definition and networked services. But Wii carved out a large niche to itself. To me, it was like two generations going at the same time."

Thanks Eurogamer.

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