PEGI ratings hope to be law from next month

UKIE has their fingers crossed

It has been over two years since the Digital Economies Bill was passed through the UK Parliament and it seems that the PEGI ratings could become legal within a matter of weeks.

British trade body UKIE has indicated that the PEGI ratings could become the legally enforced ratings system for games in the UK as soon as the 23rd of July.

UKIE has emphasised that the political process still may see some wrinkles so the July 23rd date is not set in stone but they remain hopeful.

Jo Twist CEO of UKIE said, "The latest date that we have for PEGI implementation is July 23rd. Although we are not expecting any further hold ups, it is still technically possible for this date to change due to the legislative processes involved. We shall be confirming the date at the soonest possible opportunity and in the meantime we will be holding PEGI briefing sessions to make sure that games businesses are fully aware of what the changes to PEGI mean for them."

Thanks MCV.

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