Rubin promises THQ studios the resources to succeed

New THQ boss hopes to allow their games to reach their full potential

The new president of THQ, Naughty Dog co-founder, Jason Rubin has affirmed his commitment to help turn around the struggling publisher with an emphasis on quality.

Drawing on his experiences with leading Naughty Dog to its unbelieveable success Rubin explained that the studios will be given the resources they need to make the kind of quality titles that they are capable of.

Using Rockstar as an example he began, "What I plan to do here is give teams the ability to compete."

"And the engine itself is capable of doing something great," Rubin went on. "[Saints Row] is capable of being a Red Dead Redemption... but not given the proper assets, not given a deadline that was long enough, they've ended up with a game that was extremely popular. With Red Dead Redemption, the guys had enough money to do visuals, gameplay and story. In Saints Row, they had to pick a subset of that, but I think that team has the capability to do everything."

"I don't want to linger in the past," Rubin concluded, "but they were not given the appropriate resources. They were not allowed to have a long-term enough approach to making games from a planning and decision-making process standpoint."

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