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The 360 finally goes free-to-play with Ascend: New Gods

Free-to-play action RPG playable across Xbox 360 and Windows Phone

Ascend: New Gods, the next title from Toy Soldiers developer, Signal Studios, is set to become the Xbox 360's first free-to-play title.

Ascend: New Gods is and action RPG that promises persistent asynchronous multiplayer of Xbox Live for Xbox 360 and Windows Mobiles.

Players take control of one of the Caos, a race of warriors bred to serve the gods, pledge allegiance to one of three gods and cut a bloody swathe across the land in their name.

Signal adds that players will not always play as the same character with large rewards promised for players ready to sacrifice their character for the good of their chosen deity.

The game, which is due out in 2013, takes cues from Dark Souls as players will be allowed to leave their mark on the game world that will show up in other connected players' single player game.

Thanks Edge Online.

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