Ubisoft surprises with Far Cry 3 co-op demo on Sony's E3 stage

Four player co-op coming campaign coming as well as the single player

Far Cry 3 was a busy title at this year's E3 popping up at both Ubisoft's and Sony's press conferences this year.

While the single-player demo at the Ubisoft press conference was fairly expected what Ubisoft chose to show at the Sony conference was a bit more of a nice surprise.

As well as featuring a single player campaign, Far Cry 3 will also feature a four-player co-op campaign separate to the main story.

On stage at the Sony show the Ubisoft team were on hand to show a four-man team taking a securing a bridge in one of the game's scenarios in what was a fast and fluid combat experience which was every bit a match to the single player footage from earlier in the day.

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