Far Cry 3 gameplay demoed at E3

This year's release to kick the crazy up a notch

Last year saw the unveiling of Far Cry 3 with the main character being unceremoniously drowned in a well. This year Ubisoft Montreal's Dan Hay and Jamie Kean appeared to demo gameplay for the first time.

After a protracted and slightly trippy in-game cut sequence featuring some female nudity the game kicks in and Ubisoft have really upped the ante with the variety of gameplay being offered.

Beginning with some interesting and rather visceral stealth gameplay using a machete and a bow and arrows the demo slips into some more familiar shooting with the kind of impressive visuals that we have come to expect from the series.

There's even a lot of wildlife around the full archipelago of islands that will feature in the game and the demo shows the main character getting up close and personalSpectacular visuals up close and personal with some rather angry tigers.

Ubisoft promises a lot more surprises form this tropical nightmare when Far Cry 3 arrives on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this September.

E3 Trailer