Just Dance 4 returns to boogie for another year

Wii U version getting some unique features

Unsurprisingly Just Dance will be back again this year and it will also be appearing on the Wii U to boot.

Just Dance 4 will feature 40 brand new tracks and more improvements and enhancements than you can shake a stick at.

These include the revamped six-round Battle Mode, unlockable alternative dance routines with faster pacing and crazier dance moves and and expanded Just Sweat mode helping you to get fit with more sessions, personalised programmes and a calorie counter to boot.

The Wii U will get exclusive features including the new Puppet Master five-player multiplayer mode allowing the person with the Wii U tablet controller to keep the other players on their toes by switching the routines they are following around in real time.

Those picking up Just Dance 4 for the Wii U will also get the added bonuses of choreography and playlist creation via the touchscreen controls.

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