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SimCity comes to Facebook with SimCity Social

Playfish has a pop at creating something social from Will Wright's seminal series

SimCity fans will be able to get a good fix of new city-building fun well ahead of the release of the latest SimCity with the imminent release of SimCity Social.

Maxis have teamed up with the social games experts Playfish to bring the SimCity experience to Facebook blending the impressive depth of play that has evolved in the SimCity series with unprecendented social options.

VP of global studios for Playfish, Jami Laes says, Facebook gamers have been waiting a long time for the original and best city-building game to come to the platform. This isnt your typical drag and drop city-building game. Players dont just build a city they choose the kind of city they want and watch its soul come to life as it grows and reacts to their decisions. With SimCity Social, weve taken the best in social gaming design and married it with unprecedented depth to create an all-new deeply social experience.

SimCity Social is currently in closed beta and is due to launch fully in the next few weeks.

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