Black Ops II single player plot and gameplay details revealed

Call Of Duty takes a leaf out of Crysis 2's book

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II was the big climax to Microsoft's E3 press conference this year with a massive gameplay demo.

The demonstration began by revealing a little more detail of the game's plot. It was following a team protecting the President of the USA as she escapes from a huge drone-led attack on a G20 summit by forces led by a man referred to as Hernandez.

There were some pretty massive set pieces including a battle along a collapsing freeway using a multi-missile turret on an abandonded armoured vehicle to take out aerial drones, sniping attacking mercenaries using armour-piercing rounds and an X-ray sight and flying the VTOL version of the Raptor stealth fighter.

There was also a decent segment showing the use of a wrist device to control a small drone squadron for cover fighting through a shopping mall by painting targets as well as some limited demonstration of some potential tactical flexibility similar to the kind offered by Crysis 2.

E3 Trailer