More Tomb Raider details escape at E3

Lara seems more dynamic than ever

Tomb Raider returns to Microsoft's E3 press conference this year with an entertaining gameplay demo teasing more before the game's launch just in time for Christmas.

The new demo shows the most dynamic environments ever to feature in a Tomb Raider game. Dynamic environments include useful distractions like barrels that can be let loose and rolled down slopes, the old leaky fuel containers to be set alight and the possibility of some nice little environmental kills including the good old pushing a guy off a cliff.

There's enough destructible cover, interesting stealth dynamics and varied weaponry like bows and arrows to make even Nathan Drake jealous. This is all tied together with some pretty impressive and immersive visuals using what seems to be a smart over the shoulder camera.

Crystal Dynamics also revealed that the first DLC for Tomb Raider will be 360-exclusive.

E3 Trailer