Hitler assassination DLC for Sniper Elite V2 revealed for general release

Pre-order DLC to go on sale next week

The Assassinate The Fuhrer downloadable content given away as a pre-order bonus for Sniper Elite V2 has been revealed for release next month.

The mission involves sneaking in to intercept Adolf Hitler as he travels from Berchtesgaden to Berlin and take him out altering the course of history. The DLC also adds two new weapons to the game, the Soviet SVT-40 semi-automatic battle rifle and the German standard issue Kar 98 rifle.

Anyone who missed out on the chance to get the mission for free will be able to download it from the Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Store from June the 5th.

The pack will be available for 7.99 GBP or 10 EUR on the PlayStation Store or 800 MS points on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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