United Front makes a next-gen hardware wishlist

They want more...

Design director at Sleeping Dogs and Modnation Racers developer United Front, Mike Skupa and senior producer Jeff O'Connell have been making their wishlist for what they want out of the next generation of console hardware.

O'Connell's major desire is for a solid leap in terms of hardware to allow for the ability to make more immersive games. He said, "For me, obviously making triple-A titles for the immersiveness of the story is becoming more and more a part of those games. More RAM and graphical horsepower will make it easier to connect with audiences on those things. The second point, for a game like this especially where there's a melee component to it, I'd be very interested to see what the hardware manufacturers are doing with the next generation of body movement recognition."

O'Connell added, "Obviously it would be very difficult to beat the current controller set up for a game like this where there are so many things to do. I'd be interested to see what they're thinking up there and how that could be, even sparingly used in a next-gen title like this one."

Skupa was more concerned with the hardware being more accessible to more people. He stated, "For me, it's lowering the cost and making things more accessible for the average consumers."

Thanks Xbox World.

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