New Zone Of The Enders game in the works at Kojima Productions

HD Collection of the first two games due this October

Kojima Productions has revealed that they are working on a brand new Zone Of The Enders game ending a long period of speculation.

The new game was announced at a preview event for Zone Of The Enders HD, a remastered collection which includes the first two games in the series, Zone Of The Enders and Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner due for release on October 25th.

It is currently in the prototyping phase at Kojima Productions and it will use the studio's own next-generation Fox game engine. The team is currently creating developing mechs and converting them into assets to be used in the game.

Hideo Kojima is named as producer on the new Zone OF The Enders but his primary focus is still his new IP Project Ogre. Ryosuke Toriyama will be assuming producing duties on the sequel.

Thanks Andriasang.

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