XCOM: Enemy Unknown release date breaks orbit

Strategy reboot due this October

2K Games has announced a release date for the Firaxis-developed strategy reboot of the excellent XCOM franchise.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown sees the possibility of alien invasion rear its ugly head and once again players must take control of XCOM to combat the threat with strategic cunning and smart resource management.

As a preorder bonus Firaxis has created the Elite Solider Pack that will inspire a bit of nostalgia with the inclusion of a new recruit styled on the original blond flat-top haired character models from the first game XCOM: UFO Defense. It also features the new Hyperion and Reaper armour styles and full colour customisation options for the squad's armour designs.

Firaxis president Steve Martin said, "XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the answer to the 15-year craving that XCOM fans have been experiencing. We wanted to find a special way to honor these die-hard fans, and the special edition and Elite Soldier Pack are just the way to do it."

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will arrive on Earth on October the 12th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

E3 Trailer