Wii U pad redesign leaked ahead of E3

3DS circle pads ditched in favour of real thumbsticks

One staff member at TT Games has leaked an image of the newly redesigned Wii U controller ahead of the console's official reveal at this year's E3.

Due to some developer concerns is seems that Nintendo has redesigned the tablet controller for their new console to make it a bit easier to use.

The two analogue sticks which were originally modelled on the 3DS's analogue circle pad have now been replaced with proper thumbsticks similar to those on the Wii's Nunchuck.

The Start and Select buttons have also been moved from below the touch screen to the right hand side beneath the A, B, X and Y buttons on the right hand side to make them easier to reach mid-game.

Thanks Nintendo Gamer where a copy of the original image is available to see.

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