Next-gen RPG in development at Lionhead

And it's not another Fable...

The studio behind the Fable series has a new MMO-like RPG in development for next-gen hardware according to a new job advertisement.

The advert states that they are creating a new IP that will focus on "a radical new take on how co-operative and multiplayer gameplay feeds into the experience, while blending online and single-player into one complete experience."

With this being a new IP it means that it is not related in any way to the Fable series created by Peter Molyneux. The mention of MMO-like gameplay is also encouraging and may indicate Microsoft relaxing their attitude towards incorporating MMOs into Xbox Live in the future.

The ad explained further, "[The game] will have a complex progression system, multiple routes through the campaign, and an MMO-like multiplayer experience that will affect the outcome of the player experience, and many other attributes surrounding their profile (such as the environment and the outcome of certain actions)".

Thanks Edge Online.

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