Peter Molyneux unimpressed by the Wii U

Populous creator calls the Wii U 'lacklustre'

Bullfrog and Lionhead founder Peter Molyneux has been expressing his opinions on Nintendo's next hardware efforts as well as what he believes Microsoft and Sony are planning next ahead of this year's E3.

Molyneux described Nintendo's Wii U as "lacklustre" adding that they'll need to do something special for launch stating, "Nintendo's slightly lack lustre Wii U is going to have to blow us away with better specs and great 1st party line up."

He also added that Sony and Microsoft are taking a pause to try and milk a bit more out of the current hardware generation before playing their next-gen cards.

Molyneux continued, "Sony and Microsoft are holding their breath on next gen - interesting to see how they pad out another year. Price cuts, form factors?"

Thanks Kotaku.

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