Gaming is the number 2 home entertainment spend in the US

Console gaming still on top

Gaming has become the clear second biggest household entertainment expenditure behind TV/internet bills in the US according to a new survey carried out by Magid Associates.

Of the 2540 people between the ages of 8 and 64 surveyed, 64 percent said that they play video or computer games and that the average internet-using household spend s around 80 USD per month on their net and TV bills followed up by an average of 20 USD per month of gaming. The next biggest expenditure was around 17 USD per month on movie and TV show purchases.

The survey also noted that some 20 percent of those surveyed said that they couldn't live without their console and that 60 percent of males between the ages of 12 and 24 couldn't live without their console only 2 percent less than those who said they couldn't live without their PC (desktop or laptop).

It also showed that 50 percent of those surveyed played console games at least once a week ahead of mobile gaming which stood at 44 percent and social gaming which stood at 37 percent.


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