Hitman: Absolution gets a revolutionary preorder bonus

Sniper Challenge available to those who pre-order Hitman

Square Enix has revealed a one-of-a-kind preorder bonus for reserving a copy of IO Interactive's long-awaited release Hitman: Absolution.

Those that preorder Hitman: Absolution will get their hands on the Hitman: Sniper Challenge a standalone experience set Agent 47's world for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The console versions will be available from May 15th with the PC version becoming available from August the 1st.

Players will be tasked with the execution of CEO of Stallion Armaments, Richard Strong Jr at a rooftop party and will have the opportunity to unlock a variety of tools, upgrades and secret extras in order to find the most efficient way to carry out the contract.

The Kazo TRG sniper rifle and a load of other upgrades unlocked in the Sniper Challenge can then be carried over into the full Hitman: Absolution experience when it arrives this November.

Hitman brand director, Jon Brooke enthused, "Agent 47 is the best in the business so it seemed appropriate to create the best pre-order reward possible for our fans. Hitman: Sniper Challenge is a way of thanking customers and giving them a taste of Agent 47s skills from the moment they pre-order the game."

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