The journey to a single age ratings system for games in the UK begins

Transition from BBFC to PEGI ratings begins

The process has finally begun to install the PEGI ratings system as the sole ratings system for games in the UK.

The transition will see the BBFC relinquish the responsibility for certifying titles with more mature content in favour of the PEGI system.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport released a statement saying, "The new system will stop inappropriate video games being sold direct to young children while providing industry with a simpler system for having games age rated. The PEGI system is specifically designed for video games and the age rating on the packaging will be accompanied by information about the type of content that led to the rating."

UKIE CEO, Jo Twist commented, "We are pleased to hear that the PEGI regulations are another step closer to becoming the UK's sole age rating system for video games, giving much needed clarity for consumers. We are also in the planning stages of a major awareness campaign to help the public understand the system and other aspects of responsible gaming as soon as PEGI become law in the UK."

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