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Jaffe impressed by the new God Of War multiplayer modes

God Of War creator impressed with the way that Santa Monica Studios are developing the series

The creator of the God Of War series, David Jaffe has been speaking on his impressions of the latest entry in the series God Of War: Ascension.

Of the new game's multiplayer mode, Jaffe said, "I think it looks cool. It looks like another great, impeccably executed Sony Santa Monica game."

He continued speaking very highly of his former studio, "Sony Santa Monica, and certainly that team, really hasn't done anything ever to let people down as game developers."

Jaffe concluded, "If it turns out to be the case that the single player is watered down because of it, then I think they have some justification. But I don't see any evidence of that, and I don't see evidence of that based on the team they are."

Thanks IGN.

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