Free Radical top brass less than complementary of LucasArts execs

Star Wars Battlefront 3 debacle precipitated Free Radical's demise

Free Radical's co-founder, David Doak seems to have nothing good to say about LucasArts over the fiasco surrounding the cancellation of Star Wars Battlefront 3.

When Jim Ward left LucasArts after his strategy of rebooting their bigger IPs like Star Wars Battlefront was deemed a failure Doak revealed that they had several problems with his replacements even going so far as to referring to them as psychopaths.

He explained, "[Ward's exit] was worrying, but it didn't seem like it would be a bad thing. And then we went from talking to people who were passionate about making games to talking to psychopaths who insisted on having an unpleasant lawyer in the room."

The situation then descended into six months of the publisher splitting hairs over contract issues using them to delay payment according to Doak.

He added, "In many ways it was a depressing farce talking to them. They had an agenda motivated by purely financial concerns. Their goal was to stop doing it. And it didn't matter that we had a contract that protected us."

Free Radical was taken over by Crytek in 2008 after they failed to secure a publisher for their other big project TimeSplitters 4. They are now working on the sequel to Homefront for THQ.

Thanks Edge Online.

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