Rumour: Next-gen Xbox in production

Texas company believed to be building the Durango as we speak

More rumours have emerged surrounding the existence of the successor to the Xbox 360.

This time reports have indicated that the new console is going into production at Texas electronics firm Flextronics, the company responsible for building the Xbox 360.

It has already been rumoured that development kits for the new hardware, codenamed Durango, are in the hands of several major developers.

Microsoft has released a statement on the matter saying, "Xbox 360 has found new ways to extend its lifecycle like introducing the world to controller-free experiences with Kinect and re-inventing the console with a new dashboard and new entertainment content partnerships. We are always thinking about what is next for our platform and how to continue to defy the lifecycle convention. Beyond that we do not comment on rumours or speculation."

Thanks IGN.

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