Sniper Elite V2 to be spotted on shelves from today

Fancy having a shot at taking down the Nazi's V2 rocket programme

Rebellion's second triple-A title of the year hits retail today after a few quiet years since the release of Aliens Vs Predator.

Sniper Elite V2, the return of their WWII sniper series arrives today on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC with those who pre-ordered the game getting the added bonus of a mission to assassinate Hitler himself.

The game follows the exploits of American OSS agent Karl Fairburne as he attempts to track down and destroy the German's V2 rocket programme before it yields results.

Rebellion's CEO Jason Kingsley said, "We're delighted to bring Sniper Elite V2 to the current generation of consoles. This is no run-and-gun shooter; it's an authentic sniping experience rewarding stealth, forcing the player to use their brain as well as their thumbs. We're extremely proud of how this game looks and plays gamers are in for an absolute treat."

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