Mixed messages appear over a Bayonetta sequel

Is it happening or isn't it?

There are several different reports appearing over the future of the sequel to Platinum Games' critically acclaimed debut title Bayonetta.

Some reports are indicating that SEGA has cancelled Bayonetta 2 as part of their restructuring whereas others are indicating that it will be formally announced very soon.

According to reports from Edge Online seem to suggest that Bayonetta 2 may have been cancelled by SEGA with Platinum's Hideki Kamiya saying only "I have had it. I'm not Sega man. Ask Sega," in response to the volume of questions. His colleague Atsushi Inaba has also commented on the matter via Twitter saying, "We've heard all the rumours on the net. What do you guys think? Too bad it got cancelled, huh?"

Reports from MCV seem to indicate that Kamiya has said on his official Twitter account to "watch next week's games magazines". This seems to indicate that we'll have to wait and see just which side of the story is true.

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