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Mamoru Oshii makes a Steel Battalion short

Steel Battalion: Gosha to hit Xbox Live exclusively ahead of the game's launch

Mamoru Oshii the acclaimed Japanese film director behind Ghost in the Shell and Avalon has directed a short live-action film based on Steel Battalion.

Steel Battallion: Gosha centres on a Polish Vertical Tank pilot who is in command of her own squadron of Vertical Tanks. As she leads them into battle she also has to deal with the internal conflicts within the squad itself.

The game itself follows Sgt Powers as he commands a VT squad of his own in the battle to recover the United States from a Chinese occupation in a low tech war-torn world of 2082. The Vertical Tank is the weapon that could change the course of the war.

The short film is set to be released exclusively on Xbox Live before Steel Battalion is released on June 19th in North America and June 22nd in Europe.

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